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Our names are Holly & Mark Worrall

We are a husband and wife team based in Perth Western Australia. We have a large extended family & fur family spread out over OZ which are the constant inspiration behind what we do. Dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, sheep, alpacas, chooks, ducks all have their place within our tribe. We personally have 6 very hoppy house bunnies under our roof. We can relate to anyone who loves their animals like their family.

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We have many years of experience with the ‘’pop up market scene’’, small business management, operating bricks & mortar stores & building an online presence from scratch. The journey has been exciting and full of ups & downs. Our proudest accomplishment thus far is the creation of our own pet brand, ”Smooshie Face Treats”. For those of you who are just discovering us, we have been crafting treats for rabbits & guinea pigs since 2017.

We are so excited to share with you our next adventure, Smooshie Face Pets. This online store has grown out of the desire to want to help other small business owners just like us. This store will offer you a unique collection of products made by the makers here in Australia – for all species under one wroof! 🐶 (haha see what we did there…🤣).

We are devoted to highlighting the importance of practicing mindful spending within our community. Supporting local small business can not only help financially, more so it can give peoples passion a chance to thrive. There’s nothing better than doing your job because you love it! Passion provides something wonderful when paired with product development. It creates strong pride & a honest true spirit which we believe is the essence seen in brands who really care about the end product.

We know firsthand as makers ourselves how tough it is get noticed or given a chance in the huge world of pets. And as a consumer we’ve seen alot of large pet chains creating a mecca of imported products, alot of which are second rate. This empowers us to push back & seek out those just like us, who really want the best for their pets.

Smooshie Face Pets is all about the freedom of choice – we want to help you discover all the little businesses which speak, bark, purr, tweet to you & your pets heart.  In turn we can support a whole bunch of awesome people & their passions. We like to think of it kinda like a big warm n fuzzy eco system. Sounds super smooshie, we know!

If FOMO (fear of missing out) is a problem in your household we’ve got you covered!  Your pets can now enjoy sampling products from across ALL their favourite brands they never knew they loved ❤.

We hope you enjoy watching Smooshie Face Pets evolve.

Big Love,
Holly & Mark

PS. If you were nodding your head to any of the above & you’re a maker of pet products in Australia why not join us? Reach out & say hello via email info@smooshiefacepets.com.au or through our contact page form.

Hey there! Welcome to our brand new site! Enjoy exploring :)

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