Tuna Meal Sprinkles 50g


Perhaps your pet is bored with their meals, or is feeling down and needs some encouragement, the healthiest choice is pure 100% Australian tuna meal sprinkles. A fantastic addition to your dog or cats meal to make things a little more exciting.

  • Made in QLD with 100% Australian caught Tuna
  • Sourced from the East Coast in a dolphin-safe environment
  • Lean Single Product Protein
  • No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives
  • Excellent source of Vitamin B, Zinc & Selenium
  • Promotes healthy immune system


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Directions for use: Sprinkle over a moist meal. Add some warm water, mix to a gravy consistency and mix through meal. Due to the meal toppers concentration please use in moderation.

50g jar

Weight 50 kg

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