DIY Superfood Gummy Powder - Turmeric & Rosehip

0.16 kg

The Happy Paws Co. Yellow Superfood Gummy Powder is the perfect combination of turmeric and rosehip to create the ultimate flavour, and health profile.

Both turmeric and rosehip work collaboratively to prevent joint problems, and maintain pain associated with joint issues/arthritis, protect cartilage, and both greatly support the immune system.

Rosehip is your go-to supplement when it comes to aiding your pet’s recovery after excise and promoting a healthy coat.

Ingredients Turmeric & Rosehip:

  • Australian Pasture-Fed Beef Gelatin Powder
  • Organic Turmeric Powder
  • Organic Rosehip Powder
  • White Pepper

Suitable for Dogs & Cats

    160g - 15 serves (when using the Happy Paws Co moulds - available for purchase separately) or use in any silicone mould you may have at home