Funky Monkey Bites 40g

0.045 kg

Funky Monkey Bites came about because our Smooshies love banana so much, however we wanted to funk up this treat so we added sprinkles of Parsley & Basil just to get those taste buds dancing even more.  The banana skin is washed & is left on for that all important fiber. 

A great treat to reward good behavior or to use for training. The loose sprinkles of basil & parsley can be used to top hay for extra fun. Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.

We never apply chemical preservatives or use any added sugar. Just fruit & herbs in a pure form. 

**We recommend 1 piece to be offered every other day alongside a well balanced diet. Always remember the natural sugar content of fruit is concentrated when moisture is removed so always be treat wise. 

Ingredients: Banana, Parsley, Basil

Best Before  - 6 months